Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Food additive: Amyl acetate

Chemical name for amyl acetate is 3-Methylbutyl acetate. Chemical formula is C7H14O2. Amyl acetate is used in food and beverage as flavoring ingredient.

Solubility characteristics: Slightly soluble in water. Insoluble in glycerin. Practically insoluble in propan-1,2-diol. Miscible with ethanol, ether, ethyl acetate most fixed oils and mineral oils.
Amy acetate has a powerful, fruity odor with a bittersweet taste reminiscent of pear. If impure, the odor is strong, penetrating, and almost shocking, Usually prepared by etherification of commercial amyl alcohol with acetic acid.

Naturally found in sweet cherry, wheaten bread, Swiss cheese, malt whiskey, white wine, red wine, green tea, heated soybean, apple brandy quince, malt, nectarine, ceriman and other natural sources.
Food additive: Amyl acetate
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