Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tocopherols as antioxidant in food

The tocopherols are optically active, liquid alcohols and only the D-isomers occur in nature. The tocopherols are antioxidants. They are fat soluble and are added to fats and oils to delay or prevent rancidity.
Tocopherols are a group of chemically related compounds occurring naturally in plant tissues especially in nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables which show both antioxidant and vitamin E activity. Vegetable oils are the most important sources of tocopherols.

Wheat germ oil and cottonseed oil are the best source of vitamin E (α-tocopherol). The tocopherols include α, β, γ and 𝛿 homologs and the corresponding tocotrienols. The basic structural unit in all the homologs is a hydroxylated benzene ring system and a isoprenoid side chain.
Tocopherols as antioxidant in food
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