Friday, October 31, 2008

Texturing agent

Texturing agent
Texturing agents are used to add or modify the overall texture or mouthfeel of food products. Emulsifiers and stabilizers are the primary additive in this category. Phosphates and dough conditioners are other chemicals that play a major role in modifying food texture. Phosphates are some of the most widely used and serve a number of functions in foods.

Emulsifiers include natural substances such as lecithin and mono- and diglycerides as well as several synthetic derivatives. The primary role of these agents is to allow flavors and oils to be dispersed throughout food products.

Stabilizers include several natural gums such as carrageenan as well as natural and modified starches. These additives have been used for several years to provide the desired texture in products such as ice-cream and are now also finding use in both dry and liquid products. They also are used to prevent evaporation and deterioration of volatile flavor oils.

Phosphates are often used to modify the texture of foods containing protein or starch. These chemicals are especially useful in stabilizing various dairy and meat products. The phosphates apparently react with protein and/or starch and modify the water-holding capacity of these natural food components.
Texturing agent
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